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Jon's Darkroom & Frameshop Inc.

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Welcome to our web site!! On this home page you can access information on many parts of our business by clicking on the links to the left. We offer DVD production for your weddings, anniversaries, parties, or even funerals. Very tastefully done with a touch of creativity which will have your guests asking where you had it done. Come in or call for appointment to get your masterpiece started.

Check out our new line of greeting cards! Very funny cards for all occasions. See them in the rack display as you enter our store. Only $2.95 each incl. envelope.



We can print your facebook photos!

Same Day Service...

All done through Facebook. Call now to arrange service. 879-4485

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Jon's Darkroom now offers many digital services with the addition of a new state of the art processing machine. Stop by with your next roll of film, or digital image files, and see just how good your prints can look! We can read and write to many digital formats. Send us your digital image files (jpg or tif) through email, (click link below) or stop by our store with your files and we can make your prints directly from them. We will call or email you when they are done.

Click here to email us your order

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Current In-House-Special:

Get $2.00 off any set of passport photos. Just mention that you saw this offer on our homepage. 

Passport photo information

Get your old movies and images converted to DVD!

These memories will eventually fade away or become unplayable.

Stop in now to preserve your memories for years to come.

We can convert from pretty much any medium you  have:

8mm, Super 8, 16mm, Old video cassettes of all sizes,

Photos,Slides, and Negatives.

After conversion is completed, copies can be made for a reasonable price.

Located in beautiful
Essex Junction, Vermont.

fall foliage photo

Jon's Darkroom & Frameshop /
159 Pearl Street Essex Junction, VT 05452
 or 1-800-408-6800

Email us questions or comments